Main Campus

There are Eight (8) sections under the Estates department  at Main Campus which are headed by Heads of Sections

  1. Electrical section-This section deals with all maintenance activities related to electrical activities including electrical wiring to new projects, electrical repairs. This section also offers consultancy services to different clients. The section also performs quality control of constructed facilities and solving electrical faults and emergencies. It is the section responsible for manage SUA standby generators. It is headed by Eng. FURAHA GEORGE
  2. Plumbing Section-This section deals with all plumbing maintenance activities within the SUA Main Campus buildings and Hostels. It is responsible for repair of plumbing and sewerage pipes and fittings. The section also performs quality control, material testing and preparation of plumbing and sewerage networks to constructed projects. It is headed by MICHAEL.CHITUPILA
  3. Masonry Section-This deals with masonry activities with the SUA facilities. The section offers repair and rehabilitation works, setting out of building, excavation works, concrete works, blockwallings and finishing works to walls and floors.  It is headed by Singo Salim.
  4. Carpentry Section-This deals with all capentry maintenance activities. It is headed by Mr. Ben Kunyonga
  5. Landscaping Section-This deals with all activities related to environmental protection and conservation. It is headed by David Maganga.
  6. Road section- this section deals with all maintenance activities of SUA Internal roads. It is headed by Eng. Juvenalis Mushi.
  7. Painting Section-This deals with all painting activities done to University buildings. It is headed by Bakari Ali.